Gruppo Stamplast


The GRUPPO STAMPLAST was founded in 1995 with an office in Francavilla Fontana and now has well 7 plants throughout Italy thanks to which, with 50,000 square meters of floor area and 100,000 discovery, efficiently complete the production process.

GRUPPO STAMPLAST then deals with the ideation of the product to which follows the design of the mold and of its production which is inserted in the mold park of more than 600 products made successively in a continuous and serial in establishments specialized in the molding and extrusion.

At the same time the experience of the group is also expressed in the design and production of metal products from the processing of coils to slicing up the profiling. In the end the production cycle ends with the personalization and packaging.

GRUPPO STAMPLAST thanks to advanced logistics and fleet of 15 trucks is able to convey the products to all the major distributors of the domestic market, also it leads the international market and exports to 35 countries worldwide.

ocs - costruzione stampi
allplast - stampaggio
cidue - cartellonistica
terni polimeri - materia prima
edilmed - estrusione
vitrex - fibra di vetro
sgp - stampaggio
metalp - tranciatura lamierati
agsales - rappresentanza

7 plants


Stamplast - sedi italia

over 22 years of experience and professionalism



GRUPPO STAMPLAST is a ISO 9001:2008 certified company in the scope of certification ”Wholesale marketing of plastic and metal items for building and of P.P.E. (IPD) for the construction and industrial area”.



Proven experience and multiannual, a large production capacity, continuous research and innovation.



Thanks to know-how acquired in over 22 years of experience, we are able to produce high quality products with a large production capacity.