Let's see to the future

Thanks to its multiannual and strong experience Gruppo stamplast produces high quality products.

It relies on a great production capacity in different fields: from plastic, aluminum and brass components to safety and accident prevention.

Thanks to highly specialized technicians GRUPPO STAMPLAST for sure gave its contribution to let the Italian mechanics specifics skills grow up.


New features of strength, resistance, texture and different colors can gice new life to each product renewing its potential on the market.

We can suggest the most suitable material and give new characteristics to an existing plastic items.

From the idea to the final product

Would you like to carry out a project?

Do you have  an idea and are you searching for the best solution to realize it?

For anybody having an idea, a technical drawing or a product to be customized or assembled, Gruppo Stamplast is the best partner you will ever have.

Each of these steps needs a proved materials knowledge, production and coordination experience to get just that specific product which fully meets the customers idea.

We developed this know-how in the technical very high molding field.

Besides gruppo Stamplast realizes its own products in collaboration with important Italian foreign Companies.



Gruppo Stamplast is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 in the field “Dealing of plastic and metal items for the construction market  and PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) for the industrial construction market”



Multiannual and proved experience, strong production capacity, steady research and innovation activity.



Thanks to the know-how gained during more than 22 years of experience, we are able to realize high quality products with strong production ability.

over 22 years of experience and professionalism