Producing in Italy to be competitive in the world

With our proven experience we can do a lot to value every product we realize.

By modifying its composition and applying suitable finishes a product ca acquire different appearance, convey various feelings and consequently be particularly appropriate for specific applications on markets.

Reduce the production cost

GRUPPO STAMPLAST SPA related to molds, can optimize the cost for each type of end product by an evaluation of pre-production a specific work organization and taking advantage of favorable business proposals.

Get ready for the market.

In the testing phase of the product sometimes it is necessary to prepare a prototype to evaluate the effectiveness or the need to produce in small quantities to verify the feedback on the market.

GRUPPO STAMPLAST SPA realizes the prototype and provides an assessment of solutions to be adopted, suggests the materials and suggests possible improvements regarding the functionality up to the packaging.

Also for low-volume production, GRUPPO STAMPLAST SPA is able to be competitive due to the flexibility of its.

over 22 years of experience and professionalism

Plastic Capacity

Shapes, colors, textures. In on word: flexibility



Plastic has an extraordinary capacity to be malleable. There is no limit to the possibility to get different shapes: from the simplest to the most advanced ones.



Colouring agents or pigments can give to polymers the color you want.



Features can differ according to additives included during processing giving specific features to the product: from hot resistance to texture anfd lightness.



Screen or pad-printing can customize any possible kind of final product.



Gruppo Stamplast is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 in the field “Dealing of plastic and metal items for the construction market  and PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) for the industrial construction market”



Multiannual and proved experience, strong production capacity, steady research and innovation activity.



Thanks to the know-how gained during more than 22 years of experience, we are able to realize high quality products with strong production ability.