Gruppo Stamplast SpA

Punched plastic corner protection with drip tray

Plates and shims

Manufactured by GRUPPO STAMPLAST the plastic shims and wedges allow to better distribute the pressures while assembling prefabricated panels in a wider area.

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Winged spacer

Manufactured by GRUPPO STAMPLAST, it is a durable and reliable article. The plug for the winged spacer is used to close the openings left by the casting of the concrete.

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Spacer for panels

Manufactured by GRUPPO STAMPLAST this article is an indispensable tool in the implementation work of the shuttering panels allowing, thanks to its high resistance to compression, to simplify and speed up the work in building site.

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Linear spacer

Manufactured by GRUPPO STAMPLAST it features a U-shaped strong lateral profile ensuring high-load bearing capacity. It’s easy to install and suitable for horizontal, vertical or inclined reinforcement. Moreover, the lateral cut-outs allow an easy and uniforn penetration of the concrete.

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