Gruppo Stamplast SpA

PVC square corner protection profile and jolly capsules

PVC protection corners

Manufactured by GRUPPO STAMPLAST the ornamental protection corner is available in white, walnut or ash colours. It is an useful ally in the protection of the side edges. The protection corner 22×22 in white rigid PVC, is useful for the

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PVC expansion joint

Manufactured by GRUPPO STAMPLAST, it prevent the detachment of the tile after settling of the supporting structures or to the shrinkage of the cement during the process of maturation. Its use is particularly suitable for industrial flooring and large size

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PVC hygienic profile connector

Manufactured by GRUPPO STAMPLAST, it combines ease of installation and excellent resistance to weathering, solvents or scratches. Ideal for showers, tubs, sinks, etc. Available with rigid or soft edges. The hygienic Magnum profile is indicated for use within public areas.

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